5 Stupid Things People Believe

"It ain't rocket surgery!"

"It ain't rocket surgery!"

There are a lot of stupid people walking around out there but there are even more stupid ideas and beliefs.  We go throughout our lives believing in whatever is told to us because that’s just human nature (ex. Y2K, 2012, red heads).  A current craze in Japan has people believing their blood type dictates what their personality is like.  Four of the ten top selling books in 2008 were A, B, AB, and O (guess what they’re about).  That may sound absolutely ridiculous to you but before you start feeling all high and mighty over the Japanese, take a look at number 5…

5. Astrology

Quick question.  What’s your blood type?  A lot of people don’t know this.  Your blood is pumping through you like a mad man 24/7 yet you have no idea what kind you’re rockin.  How about this.  What’s your sign?  I bet a lot more of you can answer this than what type of life liquid is in your veins….crazy.

Astrology is an ancient belief system that says that the position of celestial bodies in the sky can influence not only things like personality and daily human events but major events in history like wars, Dynasties, and the “end of the world.”  There are many different types of Astrology that have evolved over time in different parts of the world but the one that industrialized countries like America follow is known as Western Astrology.  The main tenant of Astrology is known as the Zodiac.  The Zodiac is a path of constellations that the Sun, Moon, and planets travel through the sky.  Ancient astrologers decided which twelve were most important and each was given a personality trait.  Whatever constellation the celestial bodies pass over when you were born dictates your sign.  Here are the twelve Zodiacs and their “secret desires.”  Take a look and see how you match up.

Aries- To live their dreams and turn fantasies into reality.

Taurus- To be unique and original

The Zodiac

The Zodiac

Gemini- To make a difference in the world

Cancer- To triumph

Leo- To live an easy, uncomplicated life.

Virgo – To be a star

Libra- To love and be loved in return

Scorpio- To feel safe (emotionally, spiritually, romantically and financially)

Sagittarius- To be ahead of the crowd

Capricorn- To have a secure, happy and wealthy life/marriage.

Aquarius- To connect emotionally with other people.

Pisces- To lead the way for others.

Wait a minute! That’s actually pretty good!  Im an Aries and I totally want to turn my fantasies into realities!

There may be something to this horoscope thing…

Or not at all. Also, i totally lied (sue me).  I mixed all of the secret desires up with different signs.  You can read through the entire list and find something in common with yourself.  All of the predictions of what you and your day will be like are so vague they could apply to anyone.  And the thing is, its not a problem if you want to look in a newspaper or magazine and get a giggle out of what your horoscope reads for that day.  It’s a problem that some people actually believe this stuff so strongly they let it affect their daily lives.

I can understand people of the past believing in Astrology because they needed a way to explain the world around them.  That’s all religion does.  But now with science helping us to understand the Universe around us, how can anyone still believe in this magical bullshit?  It’s crazy to me that people actually think that the position of the Moon can make such a complex thing as the human brain turn into only twelve different types of personalities. Do you really think that the world is split into just twelve kinds of people and personalities?

Your Horoscope: oooohh sorry....it's cancer

Your Horoscope: oooohh sorry....it's cancer

Not only does Astrology tell you what kind of personality you have, it tells you what other kinds of Zodiacs you are compatible with.  Can you imagine how many people have distanced themselves from others just because their signs didn’t match up?  Also, people who believe in Astrology begin to take up the personality traits assigned to them so that they end up making a “self-fulfilling prophecy“.  They literally let the teachings of the Zodiac influence their lives!  Now that’s stupid.

4. UFOs

"there i was, shittin a steamboat and them lil fuckers sucked me up and broke my good camode!

"it looked just like this!"

According to one poll by the Associated Press, about one third of Americans believe in UFO’s.  That means there are about 100 million people in our country who think that aliens have traveled billions and billions of miles from their home planet just to fly around Earth and mess with drunk rednecks.  To put it in perspective, one third of Americans are baseball fans.  Whoa.

I smell a marketing opportunityyy

I need to define what “believing in UFOs” actually means.  I don’t mean you believe in aliens.  I personally have no problem whatsoever believing that life has arisen many times throughout the Universe.  The problem I have is that whenever someone sees something in the sky that they do not understand (or even try to understand) they immediately jump to the conclusion that it is aliens.  So to lay it all out, believing in UFOs is the belief that life arose on some distant planet and that life became so advanced that it found a way to travel VAST interstellar distances, traveling trillions of miles all so they could fly around some non-important planet and mess with its inhabitants.  To be completely intellectually honest, I cannot say that aliens are not actually visiting us, I’m saying that all of the eye witness testimony and videos/photos of aliens are complete crap.

.....The truth is out there?

So let’s break it down.  You can’t deny that people aren’t actually seeing things in the sky, that’s for sure.  The question is, what are they seeing?  The thing about looking at objects in the sky is you have no way to judge how far away or how fast the object is moving.  You could be looking at a balloon a couple of hundred feet away traveling at merely 30 mph and it could look exactly like a huge ship miles away traveling thousands of miles per hour.  Airplanes are probably one of the most commonly mistaken objects seen in the sky.  The military is always cooking up some wild new aircraft that needs testing and since they don’t like using their invisibility cloaks (except of thursdays), people are bound to see them.  Another commonly mistaken item is the weather balloon.  During the Cold War the military was letting loose tens, sometimes hundreds, of balloons a day to float over to the Soviet Union to do a little spying.  These balloons will sometimes crash causing the military to rush in and make sure no one finds their super secret stuff.  Add that to the American peoples’ distrust of the military and you’ve got yourself a crashed UFO.

What is this magic!?!? Oh wait...

I think one of the biggest contributors to UFO sightings is the human brain.  We fool ourselves into thinking that what we see

This is probably in your blind spot

is reality.  Ever hear of the blind spot?  Think about how the human eye works.  Light travels in through the pupil, is focused by the lens and then hits light sensitive nerve cells.  These cells then take that information it has gathered from the light and sends the signal through the optic nerve to the brain where the information gathered is processed into the image you (think you) see.  But here’s the kicker.  Those light gathering cells exit through the back of the eye through a tiny little hole called the blind spot.  Since there are no cells there to receive light, there should be a black spot in your vision….but there’s not.  That’s because your brain takes the information it has gathered from around that blank area and just fills in the rest.  Holy freaking crap. (Interested? Check this out)

So how does this tie into UFOs?  Your mind has been influenced throughout your life by TV, Movies, books, and tons of other sources to know what a UFO looks like or should kinda look like.  So when you look up at the sky and see something weird you don’t think, “Hmm that’s a strange looking thing but from this distance who knows what it is”  you think  ”UFO!! Somebody call Will Smith!!!”.  Your brain is going to make whatever it is your looking at look like what it thinks it is looking like.  Confused?  So are one third of Americans.

3. Conspiracy Theories

Not that one!!!

A conspiracy theory is basically the idea that a group of people are working in secret to do some naughty thing for some personal gain.  In the brain of a conspiracy theorist there are only three kinds of people.  Number one is the evil entity who conspired the scheme.  Think of the American government covering up who really killed JFK, or the American government orchestrating 9/11 and intentionally killing 5,000 people for money and oil, or the….American government (I’m seeing a trend) faking the moon landing to show their superiority over the Soviet Union.  The second kind of person is the dupe.  The dupes are the ones being tricked by the evil conspirators.  This group consist of  pretty much everyone in the world.  In their eyes we are all walking around completely oblivious to what is going on around us and how badly were being tricked.  Conspiracy theorist see us common folk as too dumb to see the truth or not passionate enough to fight the man!

Wow I never suspect...actually that makes a lot of sense.

Finally the third type of person is the enlightened one.  The enlightened ones are the people who have been able to see past the veil and learn the truth about what is really going on.  Think about the 9/11 “truthers” or the people who are against vaccines because they claim they cause autism (we’ll get to that later on the list).  These people feel they are the only ones smart enough to see the truth and they must try and bring everyone else out of the darkness.  When you think about it, it’s just a big ego trip.  They think they alone are able to understand the truth even in the face of experts and so called “proof”.

I never got to see them...

The first bull crappy conspiracy to talk about is the big one.  The terrorist attacks of September 11th, 2001.  I think one of the biggest contributors to this whacked out idea is an internet video done by a college kid called “Loose Change”.  In the video the kid goes through all of this “evidence” about how the terrorist attack could only have been an inside job.  I put sarcastic quotes around “evidence” because as much as they want you to think, they have zero evidence.  All the 9/11 “truthers” have is a long list of anomalies they string together one after the other giving you no time to think about whether the shit you are hearing is even legitimate or not.  Most of the claims made by 9/11 “truthers” are in no way verifiable and can be completely dismissed due to stupidity.  Luckily, some of their claims can actually be tested scientifically and shoved right in their ever-denying faces.  I won’t go into all of the details here because luckily the magazine Popular Mechanics has thoroughly put to rest all of the conspirators claims.  Take some time to read through this.

Another conspiracy theory that is just downright stupid is the belief that the first Moon landing was faked.  This irritates me for a couple of reasons but here’s the main one.  Let me tell you a little story.  It’s a quaint, windy day on the beaches of Kitty hawk, North Carolina.  Two brothers with an awesome love for engineering and equally awesome amounts of brain power decide that today is the day to change the future of all mankind.  They decide land is no longer good enough and (briefly) take to the skies in what I can only imagine was one of the most incredible experiences anyone in the entire history of the world has ever had.

Heros, Visionaries, Snazzy dressers. They go by many names.

Now lets fast forward a mere 57 years.  Not even an entire human lifetime.  We are now in a room full of men.  The plan; put a man on the moon.  Wait WHAT!?  We’ve only been going in space for a few years and only a couple of hundred miles from the surface of the Earth at that.  Now we’re talking about strapping some guys to a rocket and shooting them 240,000 miles from Earth, landing on another celestial body, and then bringing them back!?!?  Alive!?!  Well hell yeah!  So this group of guys put their brains together and through the awesome power of the human brain at understanding the Universe around us, in only nine years were able to shoot three humans into space, have them safely land on a different celestial body, jump around for a little while and then come back home safely (dear lord can you imagine the welcome home parties).  This is truly the most amazing adventure we humans have ever accomplished.  We, who are so young compared to the Earth and the Universe, who have only understood the complex nature of Nature for less than 200 years, using computers no stronger than a digital watch (our brains were our computers back then), were able to build a device that could safely transport us from the Earth to the Moon and back…and yet people choose not to believe it.  I don’t care what reasons you’ve got, why wouldn’t you want to believe something this cool!?

Can you even begin to imagine how that felt?

Okay so to get back on point, what are the conspiracy theorist saying about the “fake moon landing”.  One claim is that when the astronauts placed the American flag on the moon (totally gives me chills), the flag was waving around.  Everyone knows there is no atmosphere on the moon so the flag should not be waving, yet it is.   This is actually a pretty easy one to figure out, especially if you are open to the evidence and not completely biased by your conspiratory views.  As you’ve probably figured out, since there is no air on the moon there is also no air resistance.  That means that any slight movement the astronaut transfers to the flag is going to continue a lot longer than it would on Earth.  This could totally make it look like the flag is waving.  Not completely convinced?  Watch THIS. (seriously, watch it)

There are other pieces of “evidence” the moon-landing hoaxers throw at you, ranging from anomalies in pictures (watch this) to anecdotes of seeing the astronauts on Earth when they should have been on the moon but we can forget about all of that poppycock.  Why not just completely smash all of the theories with one huge verifiable piece of evidence.  When we sent our men to the moon they brought with them a special device.  This special device has a surface that whenever electromagnetic waves hit it, they will reflect back at an angle of reflection that is equal to its angle of incidence.  Here is a picture of one type of these devices.

Okay so it's just a mirror.  SO-RRY for trying to spice it up a little.

Okay so it's just a mirror. SO-RRY for trying to spice it up a little

Pictured: the most badass mirror of all time

So they brought a mirror with them.  Why you may ask?  Well I’m glad you asked.  One question people wonder sometimes is how do we know the moon is 240,000 miles away?  One way to figure it out is through angles and trigonometry but what if we want to know exactly how far away it is at any given point?  We fire a super powerful laser at that mirror on the moon and then measure how long it takes the light to get to the moon and back.  Since we know the speed of light to an extremely accurate amount, we can then calculate the distance from the laser to the mirror.  It turns out the moon is about 1.3 light seconds away from Earth.  That means that if you shine a laser at the moon, it takes 1.3 seconds for the light to get there.  Holy crap.  Wanna see this laser in action?  Check this out.

Still not convinced?  Okay, here ya go.

2. Anti-Vaccination Movement

from a rabid bigfoot riding nessie

Time for another story.  This time a heart warming tale of a mother fighting her heart out for the son she loves, battling scores of “doctors” and “educated people” day after day.  This woman who is in no way educated in the medical field decides it’s time for her to start spreading the word on how a vaccine for measles, mumps, and rubella actually gave her son autism!  I mean, this claim has been completely and utterly smashed by tons of scientist but thats not going to stop her!  No way!  So she begins her adventure spreading the word with the Queen  O’ Bullshit Oprah Winfrey and  Dumb and Dumber star Jim Carrey to tell the public to STOP USING VACCINES!  What’s the worst that can happen?

That, only more cowbell

To unnecessarily repeat myself, vaccines in no way cause autism.  The anti-vaccinators first began their smear campaign against science by saying that the mercury used in vaccines as a preservative was dangerous and harmful to us humans.  Well, that specific type of mercury actually wasn’t dangerous BUT the idiot anti-vaccinators got everyone riled up so the scientist decided to take out the mercury (note, it is actually Thimerosol in the vaccine).  Guess what happened?  Absolutely nothing.  There was no change in the amount of children born autistic and the anti-vaccinators did not start supporting vaccines.  They just decided to try to smear them in some other way.

So what’s the bottom line.  Jenny McCarthy is literally killing people.  For some reason, the public has a slight fear of anything a big entity or corporation tells them.  If the entire medical community and pharmaceutical world says, “You need to be vaccinated” people start getting shifty.  But when an actual person sits on TV, looks them in the eye and tells a gut-wrenching story, we want to believe!  So here comes Jenny strolling onto the  Opera Winfrey show, telling millions of people not to vaccinate, so they don’t!

Like that, only microscopic

That’s when the bodies start piling up.  So why do we have to be vaccinated?  Well guys, I hate to tell you but there are a lot of things out in the world that want you dead.  Okay, maybe not “want you dead” but they want to use your body for their own purposes and through that process you will totally die.  I’m talking about viruses and bacteria.  Ever hear of a little thing called smallpox?  Of course you have but the sound of it doesn’t strike fear into your heart like it should.  Smallpox is one bad motherfucker.  I’m talking Samuel L. Jackson on steroids and dosed with gamma rays bad.  Smallpox (don’t click that if you’re weak-stomached) is a disease caused by a virus that has been estimated to have killed between 300-500 million people.  That’s more than every modern war combined.  More than the entire population of the United States of America!  But again, no fear being struck into the heart every time you read it.  Why?  VACCINES!   Using a little something called science we were able to develop a smallpox vaccine and completely rid the world of it!  How awesome is that? So why vaccinate?  Because the more people are vaccinated, the less diseases we’ll have to worry about, the more brains we’ll have working on solving our other problems, the more science we can do, and the less you’ll have to hear about stupid stuff like “mommy instincts” and “mother warrior”.

Bleh, I just threw up in my mouth.

This whole anti-vaccination movement is really a testament to people’s stupidity.   You wouldn’t believe how many people won’t vaccinate their kids because of the crap they’ve heard on TV or from other parents.  And guess what is starting to happen.  Measles (along with other diseases) are beginning to reappear.   All of the thousands of hours of intensive work put in by dedicated scientist are now being completely tossed down the drain just because some idiot mom is too stupid to listen to the people who actually know what they are talking about (Doctors!!!).  Thanks Jenny, thanks a lot.

Just in case you’re still on the fence, check this out.

1. Psychics

Introducing the Biggest Douchebag in the Universe!

Have you ever seen that ^ guy before?  If not, allow me to introduce the biggest douchebag in the Universe.  John Edwards is a claimed “psychic” who says that he can communicate with people on “the other side”.  Dead people.  He thinks    he is talking     to dead people.  Actually, if he really thought he was somehow hearing the voices of dead people from beyond the grave, I’d be okay with that.  There are a lot of people with psychological disorders who deserve our sympathy and need our help but this guy isn’t one of them.  What he actually does is use a technique called cold reading where he makes a bunch of common, high probability guesses until he sees a reaction from someone and then goes on about that subject.  Here’s basically how his show goes:

John: “I’m getting something here.  The name starts with a M.  Maybe a D.”

"Yes! Yes! I'm an idiot!!!"

Gullible Audience Member: “Yes! Daniel was my husband.”

John: “Okay, I’m seeing that something happened around his head, maybe his chest”

Gullible Audience Member: “Oh my god yes, he died of a heart attack!”

John: “Okay, does November the 12th mean anything to you?”

Gullible Audience Member: “Umm, his birthday was July the 12th…”

And on and on and on.  So what’s going on here?  First off, most of the time if you are going to go out of your way to see a “psychic” then you either believe in their powers or are willing to believe.  So John throws out some common names or letters and waits for someone to grab the bait.  Once someone bites, he’s fairly sure the person they speak of is dead because why else would that person be talking to him?  So once he’s established their deadness he goes for the high probability cause of death.

Not that one!

Due to the wonders of modern medical innovations, most people live to be old and die of natural causes, mostly cancer and heart disease.  By saying something like “Something happened around the head or chest” he’s almost sure to get a response because, well, how else are you going to die?  Your chest holds all of your major organs and damage to the head will normally end with death.  Then he can go on about “I see some legal problems” or “there’s something financial here” because everyone is either having financial or legal problems or at least knows someone who is.  Cold reading is really just a way for a slick “psychic” to enforce people’s own beliefs in the supernatural (while filling their pockets with undeserved money).  And by the way, audience members for John’s show “Crossing Over” show up and then are asked to stand around and mingle for an hour or two allowing insider’s to pull some information from them for later use on the show.  Oh, and the tapings normally go on for hours and hours while the edited show lasts only 30 minutes.  Imagine how many times he is absofreakalutely wrong.

Here’s why “psychics” are the stupidest thing on this list.  Think about the amazing world we live in today.  Using these computers we carry around in our heads called “brains” we have been able to discover the secrets of the Universe.  For example, we mine elements out of the ground, shape them into a rocket, use our knowledge of atoms and chemistry to create highly combustible compounds which we light aflame and send that rocket out billions of miles to wherever the hell we want. Take the Cassini Satellite for example.  We built that sucker and shot it all the way to the planet Saturn, using complex mathematics and our knowledge of the laws of gravity.  But did we just fire it right towards Saturn?  Oh no, that’s too boring and would require way too much fuel.  There is another way…

Once Cassini was launched from Earth, it was sent towards Venus to use her gravity to “slingshot” itself around twice, gaining momentum each time.    It then had enough energy to move out towards the Asteroid belt (the separation between Mars and Jupiter) where the Sun’s gravity pulled it back in to be slung around Earth, gaining even more momentum.  It then flew all the way out passing close beside Jupiter, taking incredible pictures and getting a gravity boost again to finally head towards Saturn where it stills orbits to this day.

Cassini's carefully planned and beautifully executed path to Saturn

And what did we find when we got there?  Pure unimaginable beauty…

Here we have a great example of what we humans are able to do with science and rational thought.  We do tests on the world we live in to see how it works and then use the knowledge gained from those experiments to accomplish various tasks.  But what about “psychics”?  What are they doing?  They claim to be able to bend spoons, read thoughts, and communicate with the dead but where’s the proof?  With as many claimed psychics are there are in the world, it seems as if at least one, in the entire history of mankind, would have been able to show some concrete evidence that they are supernatural.  There is even a million dollar prize to whoever can prove they have any sort of paranormal power, yet the money is still sitting around gathering dust.  Just use that awesome computer in your head and think about it for a second, if these “psychic” powers were somehow real, how could they even work?  What would be the mechanism for communicating with people who are dead and don’t even exist anymore?

Another bullshit “psychic” is a woman named Sylvia Browne.  She is a frequent guest on the Montel Williams show where she

Dear lord it's hideous!!!

uses her “powers” so make herself look like a complete dumb ass.  One example is in 2003 when the parents of Shawn Hornbeck came on the show to ask her for guidance in finding their missing son.  She replied with the famous, raspy, cigarettey response, “The kids dead.” (Click that.  You really want to watch that video)  She said a spanish man with dreadlocks kidnapped him, murdered him, and even told them where they could find his corpse.  Now jump to four years later and what do ya know, Shawn Hornbeck is found alive.  But does she take the high road and say, “Oh my, I looks like maybe I’m not able to sit on a talk show, have someone tell me just the name of a person and magically know exactly where they are!”

It’s time to straighten up people!  You’ve got to learn to think rationally about all of that information that’s flying into your ears 24/7.  Every time you hear someone make a claim about something, think to yourself, “Hmm, does that sound reasonable?  How could that work?  Is that BULLSHIT?”  A little more thought like that and this world will be a much better place…

Oh come on!!!

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